Mindy Lagdameo: Sculpting Strong and Empowered Motherhood

Mindy Lagdameo: Sculpting Strong and Empowered Motherhood

In the dynamic world of fitness, one name stands out as a beacon of inspiration and transformation – Mindy Lagdameo. With a career spanning over two decades, Mindy has not only left an indelible mark on the fitness industry but has also become a guiding light for mothers seeking a path to postpartum wellness. Let's dive into the life and mission of Coach Mindy Lagdameo.

Mindy's journey in the fitness industry began in 2003 when, at the tender age of 19, she became a certified Les Mills instructor for Fitness First in Manila. Over the next 11 years, her expertise took her from the bustling streets of Manila to Doha and Abu Dhabi, where she became a certified Yoga and spinning instructor. Notably, Mindy also earned her Level Certified Crossfit Coach credentials, coaching at several CrossFit boxes in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and even worked as a personal trainer for the royal family in Abu Dhabi.

As a mother, Mindy understands the importance of strength, and her favorite workout involves weight training. She prioritizes short strength intervals in her daily routine, emphasizing the significance of being strong for herself and her
children. For home workouts, she recommends Wandergym's Wanderball, citing its versatility in movement and effectiveness for busy moms.

To those just starting their fitness journey, Mindy's advice is simple yet profound: start small. With a Wanderbar or Wanderball in hand, taking just 5 to 10 minutes can be the catalyst for significant progress. Her message revolves around initiating the journey and allowing everything else to fall into place naturally.

As our audience primarily consists of women, Mindy aims to lead by example, proving that strength is not only achievable but essential. Her goal is to empower mothers, demonstrating that they can be strong physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Mindy faced her own challenges after becoming a mother, rediscovering herself physically and overcoming obstacles. Her personal journey led her to become the country's first postpartum core rehab specialist and C-section recovery fitness specialist, marking a significant milestone in her coaching career.

 "Do what you can, when you can, and do it for the right reason!" Mindy's training philosophy emphasizes consistency over duration, encouraging clients to focus on the quality of their workouts rather than the quantity.

Mindy finds daily fulfillment in receiving messages from mothers who have achieved remarkable milestones – wearing pre-pregnancy clothes, hitting post-baby PRs, or experiencing a pain-free life. These success stories drive her mission to help more moms every day.

Beyond the gym, Mindy reveals a fun side – she loves to rollerblade and sing, sometimes simultaneously. This lighthearted fact showcases the multifaceted personality of the coach.

Mindy stresses the importance of harmony between mental, physical, and emotional health for overall wellness. Acknowledging that fitness, wellness, and health are interconnected, she advocates for a balanced approach.

If you're a mom unsure about reclaiming your strength post-baby, frustrated with the postpartum journey, and seeking positive change, Coach Mindy Lagdameo is here for you. Reach out to her on Facebook or Instagram to start your transformative fitness journey.

Coach Mindy Lagdameo is not just a fitness professional; she is a beacon of inspiration, guiding women towards strength, resilience, and a healthier postpartum life. Join her on this empowering journey and rediscover the strength within you!


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