APRIL PERRERAS: Unleashing the Warrior Within - A Tale of Pink Dumbbells, Resilience, and Triumph

APRIL PERRERAS: Unleashing the Warrior Within - A Tale of Pink Dumbbells, Resilience, and Triumph

Meet April – a force to be reckoned with, a fitness maven, and an advocate for strength, resilience, and living life with flair. Her journey, from a determined mom to a cancer survivor, weaves a story of triumph, style, and the transformative power of fitness

In 2018, April embarked on a journey to reclaim her health for the sake of her two daughters. Little did she know that this decision would become a turning point in her life. She was diagnosed with stage 2 invasive lobular carcinoma in 2022, a few days from her 39th birthday. April defied the odds with unyielding determination.Despite the challenges of two lumpectomies, a bilateral mastectomy, and 22 rounds of radiation, she emerged in November 2022 as a cancer survivor, declaring NED (no evidence of disease).

April's commitment to fitness didn’t waver during her battle with cancer; it became her greatest weapon. In September 2023, she earned her certification as a Cancer Exercise Specialist from the globally recognized Cancer Exercise Training Institute (CETI). Her credentials as a former nurse, cancer survivor, and fitness advocate uniquely position her to guide others on their journey to reclaim their bodies through personalized exercise programs.

Wandergym entered April's life just days before her first surgery, introducing her to
vibrant 20-lb strawberry Wanderbars. These weren’t just fitness tools; they became symbols of her strength and resilience. Wandergym has been a steadfast companion throughout her breast cancer journey, a reminder of her power in every lift.

April's fitness routine revolves around compound sets, seamlessly integrated into her busy mom life. Her secret? Cute gear! Wandergym's colorful and stylish equipment, including those dreamy pink dumbbells, adds flair to her workouts and serves as a constant motivator. And here's a fun fact: April, the fitness queen, is also a germophobe, proving that even the strongest have their quirks.

As a fitness professional, cancer survivor, and certified Cancer Exercise Specialist, April is on a mission to empower women. Her credentials and experience as a former nurse enhance her ability to provide holistic fitness guidance. Her message is clear – celebrate victories, partner with the best, and prioritize mental health. Inclusivity is the key to unlocking the full potential of every woman on her fitness journey.

Ready to embark on your fitness journey with April? Connect with her on Instagram and Facebook at @movebeyondcancer and claim your 15-minute introductory call. It’s not just about fitness; it’s about unleashing the strongest, most vibrant version of yourself.

April's biography is a testament to the indomitable spirit within us all. Her story inspires, her fitness philosophy empowers, and her extensive credentials position her as a leader in the fitness and cancer advocacy space.

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