Mayet Castroverde: Defying Limits, Redefining Lives

Mayet Castroverde: Defying Limits, Redefining Lives

Meet Mayet Castroverde, a powerhouse single mother of three who has transformed her passion for fitness into a thriving career as a fitness trainer, specializing in online coaching. Mayet's fitness journey started four years ago when compliments from friends about her physique inspired her to delve into the world of health and wellness.

Breaking stereotypes like a boss, Mayet defies the limitations of age, gender, and body shape, proving that we can redefine our capabilities at any stage in life.

Facing a diagnosis of chronic liver disease after giving birth to her youngest, her doctor revealed that her liver could only hold for 25 years. Fueled by a desire to live long for her children, she embraced proper nutrition and an active lifestyle. A year later, armed with lifestyle changes and some medication, her lab results came out excellent.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, claiming lives due to health issues, convinced Mayet that poor health has contributed to its toll. Driven by a deep appreciation for the importance of health, she pursued a certification program to broaden her knowledge. She started training harder and became a beacon of motivation-participating in fitness competitions to challenge and push her limits. Now, Mayet’s mission is to empower women, especially fellow moms facing the challenge of shedding post-pregnancy weight or reclaiming their
pre-pregnancy fitness levels.

Enter Wandergym, offering Mayet an exciting opportunity to test out their products and share her thoughts. The moment she laid eyes on the vibrant colors, she fell in love. To her, Wandergym’s products aren’t just equipment and clothes; they’re an invitation to transform. The feminine pastel hues can serve as a constant source of motivation and empowerment to women in their fitness venture.

Mayet advocates for home workouts, emphasizing their convenience, particularly for busy women and moms. No elaborate machines are required – dumbbells, kettlebells, a yoga mat, and resistance bands are all you need to kickstart your fitness journey. She also recommends having an accountability partner or a group for that extra push and consistency.

For overall well-being, Mayet’s recipe would be: start slow, stay consistent. Eat homemade delights like meat, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats. Prioritize quality sleep, aim to get 4000 to 5000 daily steps, and consider a gym with a tailored program from a professional trainer. Surround yourself with positivity and fitness comrades. Above all, savor quiet moments to unwind and destress.

Mayet believes in blending various training styles to achieve diverse fitness goals. Stressing the importance of a structured program, she recommends a consistent six-month practice for optimal success.

While initiating a fitness project for women is manageable, to her the real challenge lies in keeping the flame alive. With over 50 clients still rocking her program after six months or more, Mayet considers it already a success.

Within her community, success stories include regained confidence, shining physical exam results, improved sleep, newfound strength, and aesthetic transformations. Some were even able to fall pregnant after struggles before joining her program. Humbled by the unexpected impact of her program, Mayet extends her influence beyond workouts. It's not just about lunges and squats; it's about wellness through sleep, nutrition, meditation, and forging friendships.

Ready to kickstart your fitness adventure? Connect with Mayet through her Instagram @coachmayet or her Facebook page @Coach Mayet Fitness Coaching. Let the journey to a healthier you begin with a click – because fitness should be as fun as it is rewarding!

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